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 The Wizarding World is a place of wonder of magic, where fantasy becomes reality [...]

Suicide Squad Character Cards for DC Universe Miniature Game

The Suicide Squad: a team of incarcerated super-villains coerced into performing high-risk operations for [...]

Amazons of Themyscira Team

The powerful citizens of Themyscira arrive in the DC Universe Miniature Game to add their nobility and power to the arsenal of heroes aligned with the Justice League of America and fight their common enemies.

Crime Syndicate: An in-depth Guide

A solar eclipse heralds the arrival of some of Earth-3’s most dangerous characters… The Crime Syndicate! These evil counterparts to the noble Justice League show no weakness or mercy, and will use the most brutal tactics at their disposal to conquer all before them!

An in-depth Guide: Batman & Arkham Guards Starter Set

The streets of Gotham have been taken over by the most dangerous and mad criminals, wreaking havoc among its citizens. With this new starter pack for the 2nd edition of the Batman Miniature Game you will   [...]

An in-depth Guide: Joker and Clowns Starter Set

Gotham’s most notorious and bloodthirsty clown returns to the Batman Miniature Game. This version comes from the first video game, Batman Arkham Asylum, and is accompanied by new henchmen that look spectacular and evil.

An in-depth Guide Red Hood

We present to you the Arkham Knight video game version of Red Hood, a crime fighter armed with two handguns and fantastic speed.

As a result of his shall we say turbulent past, this antihero employs truly bloodthirsty methods against the villains   [...]

An in-depth Guide Nightwing

"The Batman taught me, guided me, trained me. What I am I owe to him"


The newest versión of Nightwing leaves Little to be desired. He offers a great profile whose mobility stands out even compared to the previous ones. He is solid both on the offense, defense, and as a supporting character.

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