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 The Wizarding World is a place of wonder of magic, where fantasy becomes reality [...]

Suicide Squad Character Cards for DC Universe Miniature Game

The Suicide Squad: a team of incarcerated super-villains coerced into performing high-risk operations for [...]

Amazons of Themyscira Team

The powerful citizens of Themyscira arrive in the DC Universe Miniature Game to add their nobility and power to the arsenal of heroes aligned with the Justice League of America and fight their common enemies.

Batman Rebirth: An in depth Guide

Check out the latest version of the Dark Knight in BMG! He’s the first of the Rebirth line, and he sports one of the most powerful stat cards of any Batman. He comes in at 150 reputation he is at the same level as Batman Arkham Knight,  [...]

Lex Luthor: Comparative

Lex Luthor is Superman’s billionaire mastermind nemesis. In the DC Universe Miniature Game, you now have two versions available: One with a calm, threatening pose and the other wearing an awesome Warsuit, enabling him to face any superhero in the game.

Gorilla Grodd: An in-depth Guide

From Gorilla City comes the imposing Gorilla Grodd with all his primal fury, ready to defeat his enemies both physically and mentally. Let’s take a look at how this unique mix of power and control makes this great ape a great option for your Teams.

Catwoman (Modern Age): An in depth Guide

The Catwoman (Modern Age) blister offers a new, versatile profile for Selina Kyle for your Batman Miniature Game crews. This version is quite different from the classic Arkham City version, as she is less focused on controlling objectives  [...]

Choosing Strategies in BMG

Strategies are an optional part of the rules for the Batman Miniature Game. They enrich the game by expanding the strategic aspect of the game. Strategies are usually used in the pre-game phases.

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