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Getting Started with the Harry Potter Miniature Game

Getting Started with the Harry Potter Miniature Game The Wizarding World is a place of wonder of magic, where fantasy becomes reality [...]

Professor Pyg and Dollotrons: An in-depth Guide

The Professor Pyg and Dollotrons blister adds an interesting new Free Agent to the game

How to start an Organized Crime Crew

With this crew, you take control of some of Gotham City’s most powerful crime lords. Unlike other crews in the game, [...]

How to start a Law Forces Crew

Law Forces is a unique crew, composed mostly of nameless, common characters but with great synergy between them. They maximize the benefits of numerical superiority, great shooting potential, and a lot of mobility.

Darkseid: An in-depth Guide

The Alpha and the Omega comes to the DC Universe Miniature Game: Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid alone takes up half a team (25 levels!), [...]

How to start a Black Mask Crew

If you like bad guys, this is the crew for you. The crew’s leader, Black Mask, gathers up the worst scum of Gotham’s underworld.

Solomon Grundy: An in-depth Guide

 Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, [...]

How to start a League of Shadows Crew

The League of Shadows is one of the deadliest crews in melee in the Batman Miniature Game. It has numerous characters [...]

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