Archie is one of the trusted assistants of Mr J who always helps him to carry out crime scenes in Gotham. The Biker group who worked for Joker before are also deployed by Archie. The very sidekick is always ready to do whatever it takes to make Mr J happy. Although the clown suit he wears is also by not his choice, it is only to make the Joker a bit relax from his mood. Though he doesn’t like to work under Joker sometimes, he has no choice after trying a number of suicidal attempts. Whenever he tried to kill himself, someone is always there to save his ass. He always wears the clown suit with a wired look all the time on his face. He has also worked with the Harley Quinn for many times under Mr J.

Archie also worked with Bill, Sanchez and another pro biker together who known as the Joker’s Bikers. The other three super bikers are also appointed by Archie on orders of the Joker. The team is fearsome and takes the road of Gotham with a crazy attire. They have extraordinary skills for riding superbikes which helps them in their crime scenes. They are involved in burglary activities in Gotham which was a concern for the Bat for a while. But they are chased and captivated in Arkham Asylum by the Batman. Many times Joker hired them for some criminal activities like kidnapping, robbery in Gotham. They worked for the Joker once to get a precious Blue Diamond from the ancient souvenirs.

The occasion was the birthday of his partner Harley Quinn for which he wanted to gift her that precious jewellery. Joker knew that only Bruce can have it for him with a little twist. So, Joker kidnapped a girl named Alina to engage Batman for his bad intention. In exchange for the girl, Batman agreed to his terms and planned to buy it on the day of the auction. After that Batman tried to find Joker and interrogated the Biker team. But they are not involved in the Kidnapping and couldn’t give any info. But before anything could happen the Catwoman stole the diamond from the venue with a surprise. But the Bat chased her and saved Alina anyway.  

Bill and Sanchez are the most wanted robbers in Gotham and often chased by The Batman for their crime scenes. They are really good at riding bikes which they use to escape from the robbery scene or Kidnapping. After some time, they are joined by Archie and another pro-biker. Due to their ability they became popular and appointed by Mr. J many often for his bad intentions.

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