The Penguin’s Bat-Box sees the return of an iconic villain crew led by fan favorite Oswald Cobblepot. The Penguin crew stands out as one of the most powerful shooting crews in the game, and is characterized by their ability to make use of their numerical superiority and objective-based tactics.


The Penguin

Cobblepot provides additional funding to the crew, allowing you to build out your shooting gallery and opening up many options for equipment. As if that wasn’t enough, with the trait Iceberg Lounge you can purchase up to one piece of equipment from any other crew!


With the Mob trait Penguin improves his crew’s Let’s Go rolls, allowing our henchmen to easily activate consecutively and outnumber your enemy. Many of your henchmen have the Mobster trait, meaning they get an extra, free Attack Counter when outnumbering their enemies!


The Penguin comes with two very nice weapons, both based on his iconic umbrella. He has a nice close combat attack for defending himself, but his real offensive power comes in the form of the classic Umbrella Cannon. Not only is it a deadly weapon, it also grants him defensive bonuses versus ranged and close combat attacks!


This model affords his crew tactics centered around objectives thanks to his Underworld King and Dealer traits. The former grants extra VPs when controlling an objective with two or more friendly henchmen, and the latter allows you to consider one nearby enemy henchman friendly for the purpose of controlling objectives. This means you can either control an objective that was previously contested, or prevent your opponent from controlling one of their objectives!


The Duck

This awesome vehicle is one of the centrepieces in this Bat-Box. It increases the range of the Dealer trait to 8”, and it buffs nearby Penguins and allows them to reload their weapons. But the biggest advantage to the Duck is that you get to place up to 3 Explosive Penguins and improving the damage they do while near the duck! In addition, it increases the Penguin’s Endurance by 5 and grants him Light Armor.


Ricky LeBlanc:

Ricky “Loose Lips” LeBlanc, Penguin’s lieutenant, brings mobile firepower to the crew thanks to his shotgun, and brings a variety of subtle traits to help you out. Informer grants your crew a pass, which is not something Penguin crews usually gets! Smuggler allows you to buy magazines and radios at half price. These two types of equipment are fundamental to the crew because they increase your firepower and give you an even better chance of chain activating two henchmen. Finally, being a Sidekick means all Henchmen within 8” get to reroll their Let’s Go rolls, making the Penguin crew truly dangerous and versatile.



Big A.:

This big guy gives out an extra Defense Counter to nearby friendly henchmen thanks to Take Cover. This is powerful because the Penguin crew tends to hire a lot of henchmen, and the more you have, the more you get out of Big A. Taunt can be strong because he can target up to three enemy models and move two of their Action Counters into Attack. This is especially helpful when you get to move Movement Counters into Attack, so they cannot reach your models! Another great use is to take away Special Counters from magicians, bosses, and control characters.


Big A. is no slouch in combat, either. Strength 4+, Attack 4, Reinforced Gloves, and Mobster allow him to put out up to 5 attacks against an outnumbered enemy! Remember to move away Defense counters with Taunt first. Finally, a decent Endurance stat and Hockey Gear help him stay alive over the course of the game.


Rocket Launcher, Explosive and Minigun Penguins:

These little guys will be a royal pain for your opponent, bringing affordable covering fire for your crew and distracting your opponent. In addition, they only give out a Victory Point if they are removed as Casualties!



This model will always be found in Cobblepot’s shadow, safeguarding him with the Bodyguard and Security Chief traits. At range she is able to deter enemies from approaching her boss with her Automatic Gun, and in Close Combat she can Paralyze her victims with Technique. Finally, she can remove KO’d models with Cruel!


Penguin Elite:

This is the crew’s hand-to-hand combat specialist, carrying one of the best melee weapons in the crew: The Electric Baton. At the same time he is very difficult to defeat thanks to his formidable Defense 4 and Football Gear! Like Big A. this model has a fantastic trait that grants counters to nearby friendly Henchmen. Follow Me grants a Movement Counter, meaning your normally slow Penguin crew gets extra mobility in the early game thanks to the Penguin Elite Thug!


Penguin Thug 1:

This model is your multipurpose utility piece. With Repairman he is able to repair the Duck, which comes in handy since it suffers damage when using Penguin Caller to make new Explosive Penguins. With Laser Sight he is able to support your models armed with ranged weapons by illuminating previously hidden models.


Penguin Thug 2:

Finally, Penguin Thug 2 lays down deadly covering fire with his Rifle. Enhanced by Penguin Thug 1’s Laser Sight, this model is a force to be reckoned with.


When you take full advantages of this big box and all its offerings, you can build any type of crew. Whether you favour Henchman swarm or a small, elite crew of deadly Free Agents, the Penguin’s can supply whatever you need – at a price…

$68.24 $80.28 -15%
$10.04 $11.81 -15%