The Riddler brings new challenges to Gotham and seeks to put the city’s brightest minds to the test. With this brand-new Bat-Box you can field a full crew that’s fun to play yet challenging, whether you’re a Batman Miniature Game rookie or a seasoned veteran.
Even before the game begins, the Riddler’s clever plans are already well underway. You will be able to switch the position of two of the enemy’s objectives, which means you can bring the pesky Batsignal down from a rooftop, for example. In addition, since he is a Mastermind he gives you an extra counter for the initiative bag, increasing your chance of going first!
The core idea behind the Riddler is to solve Riddles, as he does so automatically and always scores the maximum number of VPs. In addition, after a Riddle is solved by anyone, he’s allowed to move another Riddle on the board up to 4”! The Riddler is also good at defending enemy objectives, because if he is close enough to them he is going to make them score 1 fewer VP per objective within 4”. This can force your opponent to move out of contact with those objectives in order to go deal with him.
Together with the Riddler comes Quelle. With her you will be able to debuff your enemy with a variety of traits like Demotivate and Disarray. In addition she wields a very powerful Precise Gun which deals a respectable amount of damage and is ideal for dealing with Acrobats!
Quiz 1 is a tough guy with a dangerous pair of Custom SMGs, waiting for his prey to get close before unleashing a storm of lead, filling them with holes with Rapid Fire!
Quiz 2 and 3 focus on close combat, one of this crew’s weaknesses. Together they can cause a great deal of damage if used well, but what they sport in melee ability they lack in durability!
The new Quiz 4 and 5 focus on specific tasks the crew did not have available before. First of all, the new huge Quiz 4 is in charge of the Riddler’s safety thanks to Bodyguard and a ton of Endurance. Add to this the fact that he has Desensitized, so he will not lose effectiveness while taking the hits for the Riddler!
Offensively he is also a powerful piece. He has a ? Heavy that allows him to reroll failed rolls to hit and stands a good chance of damaging the target due to Heavy. If things get ugly and Quiz 4 finds himself swarmed by lesser enemies, he can trigger his Electric Storm to deal damage to everyone close to him. Finally, he has Self-Discipline and Obstinate, ensuring that he will always remain loyal to the Riddler and following his commands to the letter, as the counters on Quiz 4’s card cannot be reallocated.
Quiz 5 is a very different kind of model in this crew. He brings a completely new function to the team compared to what you have ever seen before: He can place objectives. Thanks to his nifty trait Drop an Enigma he will be able to run around and drop Riddle markers in base contact, so your best bet is to keep him close to the Riddler himself. He has a Backpack allowing him to carry around Loot wherever he goes without paying a MC to move with it. Finally, to help him carry out his nefarious misdeeds he has Stealth so that enemy models need to be within 8” to be able to see him.
Finally we have the inseparable Echo and Query. Echo brings defensive melee support to the crew, ideal for defending objectives. Her Martial Artist and respectable Defense (while Query is around) is nothing to sniff at when combined with her trait Sustained Defense! Query is a strong shooter, carrying around an LMG wherever she goes. This weapon can damage several enemies at once due to using the Explosive template! Don’t forget she’s a Strategist, allowing you to further tinker with the state of the board through getting an extra Strategy point!
Both are very mobile thanks to the Acrobat trait, so you’ll be able to bring them to wherever you need them quickly. Also, both have the Riddles Addict trait, making solving Riddles easier for them. This means they can hang around Quiz 5, protecting him and solving Riddles if the Riddler himself is not around. Finally, if you hire both in the same crew, Competitive increases their Willpower, Attack and Defense!
Check out all the new and interesting equipment available to the Riddler. It centers around creating or securing new Riddles and solving them, reinforcing the Riddler’s playstyle!
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