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We are starting our tenth anniversary by informing you that some products are going to be discontinued - you have to hurry as there are limited units! We provide you with a detailed list:

In-depth: Crimelord Bat-Box

The Penguin’s Bat-Box sees the return of an iconic villain crew led by fan favorite Oswald Cobblepot. The Penguin crew stands out as one of the most powerful shooting crews in the game, and is characterized by their ability to make use of their numerical superiority and objective-based tactics.

In-depth: Team Flash

In this article we’ll take a look at the TV version of Team Flash.

A Look to: Batman (Multiverse)

“Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person…. And deep down, I’m not”

Batman has returned to Gotham angrier than ever and with a large arsenal of new tactics and skills with which to eradicate crime from his city.

A Look to: Quizmasters Bat-Box

The Riddler brings new challenges to Gotham and seeks to put the city’s brightest minds to the test. With this brand-new Bat-Box you can field a full crew that’s fun to play yet challenging, whether you’re a Batman Miniature Game rookie or a seasoned veteran.