Hi everyone!

Today we have great news to share. Knight models is developing a free Application for IOS and Android devices, This app will have all of the available character cards in the 3rd Edition format.

We are very excited to have this tool, as it will allow us be able to always have the character cards updated and include improvements balance periodically, so that all your miniatures are always an attractive choice for your engagements in Gotham.

This app is not designed with just competitive play in mind but also casual gaming as well, having an easy to navigate interface that's very simple to make it more accessible for everyone.

Game mode displays character cards interactively, on the screen the abilities and weapons of the character explained will appear, and also allow you to keep track of the wounds suffered by your characters and ammunition they spend when firing their weapons.

Due to this great improvement to the game, the Batman Miniature Game products will stop including cards inside. Except the card pack, which will permanently be available.

While supplies of character cards aren’t exhausted, products will continue carrying cards, but once they are exhausted they will stop doing it definitely. This will also allow us not to depend on the stock of cards to to be able to send orders more quickly, either from our store online as for your local store.

Of course, for reference to those friends who like to print the cards

to have them or personalize them, we will continue uploading in digital format to our website all the cards of each product in several languages, such as we have always done.

I hope this news excites you as much as our team, we are looking forward to trying it out with all of you, this 2021 promises to be a great Bat-year!