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An expert in Transfiguration, head of Gryffindor House, and deputy headmistress of Hogwarts, the severe-looking Professor McGonagall is a witch of great renown. One of the very few licensed Animagi in Britain, Professor McGonagall has the ability to transform into a large tabby cat at will – a useful ability for her forays into the Muggle world, and one she used when accompanying Albus Dumbledore to 4 Privet Drive, on the fateful night when Harry Potter was delivered to the ‘care’ of the Dursleys. Priding herself on fairness and even-handedness, Professor McGonagall never allowed her affection for Harry Potter to cloud her judgment – but was always there for him in the battle against evil.

 This finely detailed 1:10 scale resin bust is sculpted in the exacting likeness of Dame Maggie Smith in the role of Professor McGonagall, and makes an exquisite display piece for the painter and collector.


1 resin bust

1 card