The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is your gateway to a world of magic and wonder. In this board game, you will be able to relive the adventures of your favourite characters from the Harry Potter cinematic series. Will you do battle against the forces of the Dark Lord? Or will you help Voldemort achieve his goals and destroy Harry Potter and his meddling friends? The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and you’ll want to return again and again to unleash new characters and abilities, and perfect your strategies.

The Death Eaters term is used for the most fervent followers of the Dark Lord Voldemort. These groups primarily consisted of pure-blood supremacists wizards and witches who practised the Dark Arts with reckless abandon, malevolence and without regard to or fear of wizarding law.

The Dark Lord first deployed these groups during the first Wizarding Wars. The Death Eaters wore black hoods and masks with snake-like eye slits to cover their faces. They were considered to be in Lord Voldemort's inner circle and had the Dark Mark burned into their left forearms as their sacrifice towards the Dark Lord.

Immerse yourself in J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World like never before…