They strike first. They strike hard. And they show no mercy.

The Kobra Cult is the newest crew for the Batman Miniature Game. It features a wide range of new, finely sculpted models and interesting profiles, and they bring two brand new mechanics: The Acts of Faith and the Contracts.
Let’s start with the Leader of this faction: Kobra himself. He is not only a great fighter due to his stats such as Strength 3+ and Attack 5, but his sharp Sword and several his traits make him excellent for taking on any foe. Due to his status within the organization, he is a very central piece for the Kobra Cult’s playstyle. One of his strongest new traits is The Most Dangerous Man On Earth, which means enemy models cannot change the target of his attacks. Traits like Bodyguard will not work against Kobra! Finally, he offers nice pre-game opportunities due to Grand Strategist. However, the most important thing he brings is the ability for nearby models to spend Faith Points and perform Acts of Faith. More on that later.

Lady Eve is Kobra’s trusty right hand. With an excellent Willpower of 7, and Attack, Defense and Strength of 4+, she brings a decent set of stats to the table. With an Enervating Sword she can put a serious dent into any foe she finds herself facing! However, equally importantly she has the Fervent Follower trait which allows her to generate one extra Faith Point during the Raise the Plan phase, affording you a bigger and more aggressive Faith pool for the round.

The Kobra Cult has a variety of Henchmen available, such as the Nagas and the Kobra Bestowed. However, the primary manpower comes from the Lanceheads. There are three different varieties, but thanks to the Minion trait you can hire up to three of each. Even better, they have been released separately so it’s easier to stock up on them! Each of the three Minions come with a different weapon: A carbine, a knife, or a sword. Thus you have incredible variety in the way you configure your crew, and you have the option to really stock up on activations and Faith Points.

The Lancehead Captain comes armed with an SMG and has both higher stats than his men and the Take Cover trait, making the Lanceheads fairly tough to deal with. They all wear Kobra Armor which allows them to turn 1 blood damage into 1 Stun damage in close combat every round.

The Toughest Henchman in the Bat-Box title goes to the Kobra Hybrid. He is a Large monstrosity with great stats, Sturdy, and a powerful close combat attack that not only poisons the target but has a chance to Paralyze it!

For reinforcements you also have the Kobra Hazard Troopers at your disposal, and they won’t disappoint. They are elite Henchmen, and both are very tough due to their Endurance 7 and Hazard Armor. As if that wasn’t enough, they both have Willpower 6 and carry some nasty weapons!  One carries a nasty SMG with an underslung grenade launcher, and the other carries a special flamethrower.

It's time to talk about the new mechanics. The Acts of Faith are unique to Cults, and grant a wide range of benefits. The Kobra Acts of Faith can grant Poison to your attacks or heal your models, or even summon new models into the game! To perform an Act of Faith, you simply need to spend the appropriate number of Faith Points (generated by your models) and be close to your Leader, Kobra. This particular Cult gains its Faith Points by activating models, hitting enemy models with attacks, and through the Fervent Follower Trait/equipment.
Another new thing unique to Cults is the Contracts mechanic. Cults can only hire Free Agents through these Contracts, and each can only be chosen once.
The Killer Contract gives the Free Agent +1 Willpower and +1 to hit its chosen prey, but the model can only attack that prey! Once the prey is dead, the Free Agent scores an additional 2 VPs and is removed from the game. This Contract also comes with a 20 rep discount.
The second option is the Research Contract. This grants the Free Agent 1 extra VP when holding objectives, but greatly reduces their damage output. The discount here is 15 rep.
The final option is the Bodyguard Contract. The Free Agent gets a 30 rep discount, but must stay within 8” of your Boss at all times. If your Boss is removed, so is the Free Agent.
Finally, the Kobras have another awesome rule at their disposal: Commando Tactics. Thanks to this rule, when you activate a Kobra Cultist, you will be able to activate up to two additional models at the same time! In addition, Commando Tactics also gives a bonus to the two additional models selected. They gain +1 to hit and +1 to their Collateral dice rolls! However, be careful using this rule. In the Batman Miniature Game, controlling the flow of activations is always a powerful advantage. If you activate three models in a row, you risk giving up activation control!
By making good use of the equipment list and the Acts of Faith we are certain you will enjoy playing this flavorful, competitive Kobra Cult crew.
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