Knight Models is proud to present a new range of exquisite resin busts for the painter and collector. Measuring approximately 7mm tall, each bust is sculpted in the exacting likeness of a much-loved character from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts cinematic sagas, making perfect display pieces for fans.

Otherwise known by the nickname, Wormtail, Peter Pettigrew was originally a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Wormtail was made Secret-Keeper when Lily and James Potter went into hiding. Betraying them, and framing Sirius Black for the carnage that ensued, Pettigrew became a fugitive from justice until the Dark Lord’s return.

After escaping, he spent twelve years living in his Animagus form as the Weasley family's pet rat, Scabbers. Everyone was assured of his death until Harry saw him in the Marauder's Map. Later his identity was exposed by Sirius & Remus in Hogwarts. But he managed to escape and sought protection in returning to the service of Lord Voldemort. Then in Goblet of Fire, Pettigrew played a key role in Voldemort's rebirth and continued to serve him during the Second Wizarding War.

Depicted here plotting and scheming, with the silver hand bestowed upon him by his master, Voldemort, this detailed bust of Pettigrew captures every detail of his sniveling cruelty.

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