Possessed of incredible strength and cunning, Bane is a field commander of the League of Shadows, and sworn protector of Talia al Ghul. One of the few villains to have defeated Batman in single combat, he has vowed to bring Gotham to its knees. Bane’s identity is hidden behind a grotesque his mask, which inhibits the excruciating pain that wracks his body, allowing him to focus on his mission.

He was born in an underground hellish prison located within a Middle Eastern country and haven't seen light until he was an adult. He found Talia while she and her mother were attacked by a group of prisoners. He became her friend and later helped her escape from the Pit. Due to this reason, his face was mutilated by the prisoners later. Eventually, Bane was rescued by Talia's father and taken in by the League to train them. But Bane always reminded Ra's al Ghul of his own failure to protect his wife and for Bane's interest in Talia.

Bane was portrayed as a capable close range fighter in the Pit before being trained by the League of Shadows. He was trained by the League of Shadows to get the perfection in hand to hand combat and master in over thousands of martial art techniques.  His brute strength and ferocity are always proved to be an advantage over his opponents. Bane exploits the super-steroid known as the Venom to heighten his own physical attributes to staggering levels. After injecting the Venom he has a high level of endurance, durability, and speed like a superhuman.

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